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Quorum Law has assisted Fishway with respect to its two recent funding rounds (which have been effectuated by means of both conversion of several convertible loans granted by investors into shares of the company and contributions in cash by several (new) investors) as well as the structuring of its shareholding.

Fishway is active in the development of cell-cultured fish, being a form of cellular aquaculture whereby healthy fish ingredients are produced by culturing fish cells in bioreactors for the purposes of eliminating the need to capture or breed animals for food. Through the investment, Fishway has not only drawn the useful business expertise of certain investors but has also secured the necessary funds for the further growth and development of its innovative activities and the further deployment of its R&D activities in the field of controlled cultivation of ingredients derived from different fish species.

Quorum wishes to thank Samuel Van de Velde and Nina Coolsaet (co-founders of Fishway) and all other parties involved for the pleasant collaboration!

The Quorum deal team consisted of Davy Gorselé, Arthur Yee and Sarah Dilles.

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