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Quorum Law has assisted the shareholders of Ensys, active in climate technologies (including solar panels, home batteries and heat pumps), in the context of the recent 100% sale of Ensys to and their future partnership with their West-Flemish peer ExtraPower. Both enterprises are active in the field of renewable energy, but whereas Ensys tends to be oriented towards the B2C and SME segment, ExtraPower has a focus on the B2B market.

Quorum Law wishes to thank its clients (Jan Viroux, Kim Korten, Bart Talpe and Daniël Talpe), Filip Mariën, Sanne Van Wunsel and Laurens Meeusen (Marktlink), as well as ExtraPower, Essers Family Office and Four & Five, for the pleasant collaboration. We wish all parties the best of luck!

The Quorum deal team consisted of Davy Gorselé, Arthur Yee and Sarah Dilles

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