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Quorum Law wishes to congratulate Jodima Group on a successful acquisition of IADA in Spain.

Jodima Group was founded in 2022 by Axel Van Ranst and Marcel Cornelis with a view to a European #buyandbuild strategy in the development, production and distribution of mainly water-based chemical products. The private equity fund PE Capital Group, founded by Stefan YeeAlain Bolssens and stijn van rompay, has a 45% stake in the group and fulfils its role as financier and M&A advisor in the expansion process.

IADA has built up a strong reputation over the past 6 decades and has, among other things, a strong R&D division that will henceforth form the product development center of Jodima Group. IADA’s location, just outside the group’s current field of action, offers many opportunities for Western European private label customers of Jodima Group to also offer solutions in the south of #europe and emerging #africa.

Quorum Law wants to thank all parties involved for a pleasant cooperation.