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Unifiedpost Group is a Belgian public fintech company providing a secure, cloud-based platform which allows automated business functions. The Swedish company 21 Grams is a leading provider in the Nordic countries of mission-critical outbound mailing solutions and optimized postage and parcel services. The acquisition of 21 Grams allows Unifiedpost Group to gain a solid foothold throughout Scandinavia and expand its activities from fifteen to twenty European countries. Additionally, Unifiedpost Group acquired the Belgian companies BanqUP and Akti. BanqUP is a renowned specialist in banking services and Akti is a cloud company which provides SMEs with e-commerce solutions, including order management and invoice processing. The acquisitions of BanqUP and Akti enable Unifiedpost Group to bring more open banking and data analytics capabilities to its SME customer base and will help them to develop their e-commerce activities. Quorum was therefore pleased to assist Unifiedpost Group with these acquisitions who have strengthened Unifiedpost Group’s position as a leading European fintech company. For more information, click here: